Virtual Tours

Heritage as a Lever for Territory Development and Attractiveness

Through 3D modeling using advanced 3D scanning techniques, the Center for Territorial Planning Research offers the opportunity to embark on an unprecedented, comprehensive, and well-documented virtual tour of the Royal Mausoleum of La Soumaâ in El Khroub, a tomb that dates back over 2000 years.

The Algerian territory harbors thousands of culturally and naturally significant sites, a treasure trove spanning various periods of history. This territorial diversity creates an "open-air museum," showcasing the Punic-Numidian funerary monument as a symbol of the influential landscape of Numidian capital Cirta, reflecting power and Mediterranean architectural influences.

La Soumaâ of El Khroub was once the enduring witness of a brilliant territory in North Africa. Its architectural splendor, blending Numidian, Punic, Greek, and Egyptian styles, narrates the story of a powerful civilization that left an indelible mark on these lands.

Located 14 km southeast of Constantine, overlooking the town of Khroub on the Theveste-Calama Kasr Mhidjiba route, the mausoleum stands within a funerary space comprising Dolmens and Bazinas: Ain El Arbi-Bounouara and Oum Settas.

Like an explorer of the past, La Soumaâ of El Khroub reveals its intricate details. Let yourself be carried away as you explore the different facades and architectural elements of this monument. Virtual guides will accompany you throughout the visit, providing fascinating and insightful information about each aspect of this historical landmark.

This outreach effort lays the groundwork for a future scientific research project aimed at studying and enhancing the site of La Soumaâ (Royal Mausoleum) and its surroundings.

Welcome to a unique and enriching immersive experience

The history of the Numidians awaits you, ready to be rediscovered through our virtual reality.


To those who contributed to this project, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable support. The virtual tour of the Soumaâ tomb is an immersive and extensively documented experience that wouldn't have been possible without the invaluable support of numerous institutions and partners, including the Ministry of Culture, the National Office for the Management and Exploitation of Protected Cultural Properties (OGEBC), and Professor AIBECHE Youcef, Director of the Thematic Agency for Research in Social and Human Sciences (ATRSSH). A special thanks to the Ministry of Culture, especially OGEBC Constantine, for believing in our vision and making this project possible with their essential logistical support. Our gratitude also goes to Professor AIBECHE, whose expertise and experience have enhanced this work. This exceptional collaboration allowed us to preserve and highlight a significant part of our history and, most importantly, to share our culture with the world.

Members of the project

Mr. Abdelaziz DEBBACHE
Mr. Bahaedine HAMIDA


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