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Heritage : Lever of development and attractiveness

Thanks to a 3 dimensial models conducted via 3 D Scaning techniques, the Territory Planning Research Center enables you to take a unique, rich and documented virtual tour of the « El Khroub Soumaâ » royal mausoleum of over 2000 year.

Algerian territory contains inavaluable thousands of cultural and natural sites covering different hisorical periods. Such territorial diversity makes it « an open air museum territory ».
The punico-numid funerary monument is the perfect example of the rich landscape and the influence of the numidian capital Cirta ; a sign of power and openess on the Mediteranean architecture.
The Soumaâ of El khroub was once the perennial witness of a brillant northen african territory. Its architectural splendor at the crossroads of style : numidian, punic, greek, egyptian… tells the story of a powerful civilisation that marked forever these lands.

Located at 14 km southeast of Constantine, overlooking El Khroub city, on the lane of Theveste-Calama Kasr Mhidjiba ; the mausoleum ensuring the continuity of Dolmens and Bazina funerary space : Ain El Arbi- Bounouara and Oum Setta.
Like an explorer of the past, the Soumaâ of El Khroub can be observed down to the smallest detail. Let yourself be taken away as you go along the different façades of the monument and of their architectural elements…The virtual guides will stand with you throughout the visit by providing rich and interesting information for each historic monument element.

This extension work lays the foundation for a futur scientific research project, which aims to study and develop the Soumaâ site and its environment (royal mausoleum).

Welcome to a unique and rich immersive experience where the past comes to life before your eyes

Numidian history awaits you, waiting to be uncovered thanks to our virtual reality



To those who have contributed to this project, we would like to thank you for your valuable support. The virtual tour of the tombs « Soumaâ », is an immersive unique expérience and rich in documents, which would not be possible without the invaluable supports of many institutions and partners, in particular the Ministry of Culture, The National Office of Management and Protected Cultural Properties Exploitation (OGEBC) and Professor Youcef AIBECHE – Director of the Thematic Research Agency in Social Sciences and Humanities ATRSSH-. Many thank to the Ministry of Culture, in particular the OCGEBC of Constantine for believing in our vision and for making this project possible thanks to their essential logistical support. Our thanks go also to Professor AIBECHE, whose experience and expertise were useful to make this work better. This exceptional collaboration has enabled us to preserve and enhance an important piece of our history, most importantly, share our culture with the whole world.

Members of the project

Mr. Abdelaziz DEBBACHE
Mr. Bahaedine HAMIDA

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