About us : 

The Territory Planning Research Center, by acronym (C.R.A.T), was established by Decree N°19-60 of 4 Joumada Ethania 1440 corresponding to 9 February 2019.

It is placed under the authority of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, headquartered in the university campus Zouaghi Slimane, Constantine.

The C.R.A.T is a public institution with a scientific and technical vocation, its principal mission is to carry out scientific research and technological development programs in the fields of territory planning, particularly on :

  • The organization, management, and development of territories and cities concerning aspects of space, society, culture, economy, and the environment.
  • The impact of major hazards and climatic phenomena on territory planning.
  • Digital territories and smart cities.
  • The development of new investigative and decision-making tools related to territories.

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