Scientific Council

The Scientific Council (SC) of the Territory Planning Research Center (C.R.A.T) was established according to the Ministerial Order n° 995 of 28 november 2022. The SC operates as an advisory body, its main policy framework is defined in articles 21-28 of Decree n°11-396, which set the standard status of public institution with a scientific and technical vocation. Its main role is to provide advice on the organization and conduct of scientific and technological activities of the CRAT.
The SC meets in ordinary session twice a year at the request of the President. It may, additionally, meet in extraordinary session upon the request of its President, the director of the institution or by a twothirds of its members.
For further details regarding missions, as well as the specific organisational and operational rules, please refer to the SC’s Rules of Procedure of the CRAT.


The list of names of the members of the SC (Scientific Committee) of the C.R.A.T is determined in accordance with the provisions of Order No. 995 dated November 28, 2022, as follows:


- Chaouki BENABBAS (Directeur, CRAT)
- Mohamed ZOUIDI (CRAT)
- Mourad LATATI (Université 20 août 1955 - Skikda)
- Ali REDJEM (Université Mohamed Boudiaf - M'sila)
- Karima ANOUCHE (Université des Sciences et de la Technologie d'Oran, Mohamed-Boudiaf)
- Fawzi DOUMAZ (Institut National de Géophysique et Vulcanologie (INGV) de Rome, Italie)
- Abdelkrim BENSAID (Université d'Orléans, France)
- Salima AGGOUN (CY Cergy Paris Université, France)